Customer Service


Upon completion of a sale, the customer service department (CSD) of RFPL sends a letter to the buyer for intimation and good will. Thereafter the CSD prepares necessary documents like allotment letter, deed of agreement etc. And at the time of apartment handover final settlement statement, the handover letter and other related documents are completed.

Modification Work

The CSD is always there to attend to buyers requests for modification and additional work in the apartment.

Credit Collection

The CSD is responsible for credit collection from the buyers.Within 7th of each month a letter is sent to every buyer as a reminder for monthly installment, communication over phone is also done. CSD collects the cheque (A/C Payee) & gives a money receipt to the buyer. Buyer falling to pay installment amount receives a reminder letter from CSD. Delay charges are added to buyers account if he fails second time. If the buyer fails to pay for the third time he receives an allotment cancellation letter. After cancellation of allotment CSD takes the responsibility to return the money to the buyer as per company policy.

Customer Feedback

CSD collects customer feedback in a prescribe form about their service quality and product quality.

If any complain is received from the customer, CSD will check out immediately and conveys the same to RFPL head of department concerned for remedy. CSD will do follow up and ensure prevention for future.


CSD is will cooperate for registration of the apartment after its handover.

For more information Please contact our Customer Service Department:

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